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Actual Work Emails

Before I leave this job, I have to preserve some of the better doses of corporate bullspeak I've endured over the past few years.

I'm disappointed this wasn't on our radar until now... there's so much going on ... that it's tough to do what we'd like for this program -- we've put so many other promotional emails in the "cue" that we'll have to balance member tolerance for the email barrage. ... Systemwide, between national and chapter emails, we're beginning to stress the tolerance level a little. So I'm being far more careful. Kelly, how about if we pull a list for Texas, OK, AR, LA and NC, but eliminate Houston and Dallas area members? We've simply over-saturated Dallas recently, and you'll cover Houston, correct?

To follow on our conversation, could you provide me with the attendee profile reports for as you run them? (early, mid-way and final) – helps me in so many ways: ... Who is the “sweet spot” candidate for this course– the best targets to for ongoing promotion. (i.e. are there trends in their “stated reasons for attending” that can drive better marketing language choices?

I’m running, but tomorrow let’s knock heads on how (and how often) we should/will/can update the Registry page online. (Short term. Long term goal is a data-driven list from the database)

Without that information, we can’t pull the trigger either way.

The Sept. 1 Conference Call with the Independent Advisory Board was fruitful, and if nothing else, got everyone excited about being part of this initiative and making a profound impact on the marketplace. By the end of the call, there was a lot of “we” instead of “you” in the language, and everyone was talking about how they want to be part of making [us] the market leader in education.

More to come.
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