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My First Day at Work

My First day at Work
By Mae N. Carnate

My first day at work was pretty cool. It was raining realy hard and as if starting a new job wasn't weird enough the people on the radio were taking about a mud slide. I took the bus to work but I think I just missed the one before it because I had to go look in my car for my headphones which weren't there. But good thing I'm super neurotic about stuff like that so I had a backup pair to use today. I got a bagel before work but not the usual everything bagel I got a poppy instead because I was afraid of garlicky onion breath. Because of the mudslides and rain and stuff nobody was on time to work so it was just me and my boss for a long time and I didn't get to talk to teh guideance counselors yet about my insurance or my bus pass. I suggested a new idea that everybody loved and they all said that's why they hired me. The other people in my department are all dudes and they're very dudely in their Brokeback Mountain jokes and innuendos. I should fit in with them just fine. We had Thai food. I stayed until 5:25 pretending I didn't know that we can leave at 5 if we come in at 8:30 and because I didn't want to run out the door at 5:01 on my first day. Then I went to the gym. There's a lot more pretty people there than at the gym by my old work. Then I rode the bus home. There was a guy at the bus stop drinking a 22 out of a bag listening to a lady talk abuot how her old nigger boss keeps giving her attitude because he doesn't want to see a sister work. Then the same weird looking dude with the fauxhawk and flavor saver was on the bus as in the morning but he got off at my stop when this morning he got on at a different one. And that was my first day at my new job. The end.
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