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Seller Be Warned, a reflection composed while still technically on my lunch hour

So I had these jewel cases left over from Musicmaker that for some reason I thought I would be making 200 mix CDs at some point in my life so I took a carton of them. They've been sitting in my closet since February of 2001. During last week's major declutter, I listed them on ebay. Got a super anal email from a guy asking about the little dots that hold the inside liner notes in, took more pics, emailed back, so on and so forth.

Turns out he lives in Fairfax and rather than ship the 30lb box he'd like to pick it up. No problem - less hassle to drive to some McDonalds than to the post office. Then the guy doesn't win the auction. He didn't even bid on it. Some chick in Georgia won it. So he ends up buying them off her, sending her some other jewel cases he has that don't have the specific dot liner note things in them bladdity blah. Then he offers to burn me some music for my trouble (in addition to the auction price). I grow intrigued.

>----- Original Message -----
>From: Maeincarnate
>To: CD Guy
>Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2006 11:01 AM
>Subject: Re: Jewel Cases
> > I'm happy this worked out. Taking those boxes to the Post Office was going
> > to suck. Thursday or Friday will be good evenings to do the box swap.
> > After that, I'd have to wait until Monday or Tuesday. Where do you
> > live/work? Would Ballston be a good place to meet up?
> >
> > Are you just a geek or are you in music retail? I can't turn down an offer
> > for new music. Influences include the Talking Heads, Pixies, White Stripes,
> > Beck, and Jonathan FireEater, but I've been on a more hip-hop/electronic
> > kick lately and have a thing for UK Garage.
> >
> > Megan

Business with a bit of showboating on music taste. Fair enough. His response:

>From: CD Guy
>To: Maeincarnate
>Subject: Re: Jewel Cases
>Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 13:39:09 -0400
>Hi Megan,
>Thursday or Friday would be fine - I live nearby where Gallows and 50 Meet -
>a couple miles south of Merrifield Station or whatever they call it - it
>goes Vienna - then Me (Merrifield?) - then West Falls Church - East Falls
>Church and then Ballston I think. Anyway I am just a short distance away so
>if you give me a place and call my cell phone or I call you I can meet you
>anywhere near Ballston - my cousin and a friend live near Ballston so I am
>sorta familiar with the area as I have been around there many times.
>I haven't heard of UK George - but I do have a lot of hip-hop/electonic
>music - what kind of electronic? I have a ton of that - tons of various
>compilations and such. I also may have some cds from those other artists -
>I have thousands of cds all over the place so can check the listed inventory
>for the artists or maybe scan through a pick out some compilations.
>Actually I am a software developer that has been selling music and dvds
>online as a part time gig while I work on getting a commercial web server up
>with a friend of mine as a source of revenue. I have certainly learned more
>than I even wanted to know about every aspect of running an online business
>and specifically buying supplies and automating/optimizing the business as
>much as possible.

Um, ok. Then:

>From: CD Guy
>To: Maeincarnate
>Subject: Re: Jewel Cases
>Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 13:59:57 -0400
>Hi Again Megan,
>I just noticed I misread the UK Garage - have no idea why I thought it said
>UK George - my mind is playing tricks on me - UK Garage is a genre and I
>think I have s fair bit of this although I am not really exact on which of
>the bands are in this genre but I can check.
>If nothing else I can bring a bunch of compilations in the areas I think are
>close to this UK Garage/Electronic/etc (Is it HipHop or TripHop that you
>also like?) that you are welcome to - I have tons of these.

Wow, buddy. Way to blow it. Apparently there's only 10 minutes between Interesting Music Guy and Rambling Spaz.

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