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If it weren't for my horse, I would have never spent that year in college.

On the train home tonight, a late middle aged, balding redheaded man wearing a blue suit sat in front of me. He was with two co-workers, and they were obviously from around where Fargo took place (you goin to the neyne o'clock meeting tomorrah? oh, you betcha). To say he sat in front of me is kind of inaccurate, as I got on to the train and sat behind him while he was in the middle of telling a story. He uttered the following:

"I had my jaw wired shut with rubber bands and all. Geesh, I was worried if I sneezed the whole thing, my whole jaw, would be in another county."

This got a round of laughter from his companions and the anecdote ended there. What the fuck is that? What does that mean? Why was his jaw wired shut? Why was that funny to the other guys? What happened to him that made his jaw get wired shut? Was the reason for the wiring funnier than the actual wiring itself?

Louis Black is a smart man.

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