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Owning My Shame

It's a fact:

When I was in ninth grade, my friends and I came up with this elaborate system of code names based on Disney characters so we could talk about the boys we liked. Each one of us was a girl Disney character and the primary object of our affection was the corresponding boy character, i.e., I was "Daisy" and the boy I liked most was "Donald". However, if multiple crushes were in place, additional characters were used, not necessarily relating to your girl character, but it was considered good style to run with a theme (my secondary crushes were mostly from the Jungle Book).

We thought this was so foolproof and ingenious. Imagine my surprise when one of my friends correctly identified himself as Bagheera. But the real crime was as a result, people thought I actually liked Donald Duck and Donald Duck stuff. I didn't like Donald Duck, I liked John Turner. But for the next few years, I got Donald Duck crap for every gift-giving occasion: T-shirts, watches, mugs, videos, figurines. You name it. And the part of me that knew how lame this whole charade was was embarassed to the core with every misguided gesture.

I need to keep this in mind the next time I ever go too long thinking I'm cool.
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