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It's funny how boring things can seem when everything is going your way. I've been wandering around in a dopey sort of stoned bliss for months, but the lack of conflict leaves me with little to LJ about, and little more to answer when asked how I'm doing other than a variation on "great", "fantastic", or "awesome". It's a lot harder to gush about the positives than vent about the negatives, but I'll give it a shot:

The Boy: Evan. As I mentioned in the Natural Bridge posts, and on the Friday Polls, I've got me a new beau. "New" may not be the best word. I've known him pretty well for a few years now - he's one of the Wednesday Night Nerds. Everybody had been hanging out more outside of D&D, and plenty of times came up when nobody else was willing or able to hang out, it would be just the two of us. Eventually we cut out the formality of inviting other people, and you can probably fill in the rest. I'm not really one for getting all schmoopy, particularly in a public forum, but I will say as much as I thought liked my friend, the boyfriend I'm getting to know impresses, surprises, and otherwise amazes me in more and more ways every day.

The Baby: Henry. I got to meet my nephew this weekend. I forgot how tiny 6-day old babies are, even though Emily was that little less than two years ago. So far, I have yet to hear him make a sound other than a contented grunt, and as such, my brother and S.I.L. are calling him "The Complainer." We spent the day Sunday lounging around their house, hanging out with the babies, grilling, and playing video games, and Hank spent an hour or so on my lap snoozing with a firm grip on his ear. He also took a big crap that I could feel shoot into his diaper. 'Atta boy.

The Job. The job continues to go well, in spite of still having a few adjustment aches. I guess this is part of the transition from labor to management, but I feel like I should be doing more stuff. I have to remind myself that I really have only been here for 2 months, and that adjustment can take time, especially for a new position. They don't seem to quite know what to do with me yet, but I've gotten nothing but praise for the stuff I have done, even from the president himself. All of my work seems so intangible, and I know how easily I can get distracted by things like writing this post when I can't fully wrap my mind around what I'm supposed to be doing. I need to focus and figure all that out, if for no other reason than it makes me feel horribly guilty to be sitting here in an office and having done about 1/2 hour of actual work all day.

The Bad: Sweet Justice. My girl has been in the shop for FOUR WHOLE WEEKS, and Ed, my lackadasical mechanic, hopes I might hear from them maybe by Thursday or probably Friday. Apparently the rain has slowed down the painting process, which sounds like a bunch of cockandbull to me, but what can I do about it. Again, I'm so thankful I don't have to worry that much about having a car, and while the $1700 function-only repairs tag is going to smart, I do miss having one. I still am impressed at myself at how well I'm handling this. I think about how completely insane this would have driven me not too long ago, how I would have flipped out and beaten myself up and the whole deal. I guess when you're not wading through a pile of shit, one situation can be taken as it is: just one shitty thing. Not a backbreaking straw, but an unfortunate inconvenience. And that, I can handle.

So there it is. How am I doing? Outstanding, thanks. How are you guys?

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