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Not Fawlty Towers! Noooooooooooooooooooo!

Even though at times I may think I'm smarter/wittier/hipper/more in tune/less gullible than others, I know deep down in my heart of hearts I am nothing but a slave to the media around me. I just can't help myself.

Example: I just finished taking the "Rate A Scream" thing from that little box that pops up every time you sign on to AIM nowadays. This was a little game where they played clips from horror movies and I thought the goal was to rate the clip, but judging from the cumulative scores, I think people were more picking their favorite movie. They had this little picture come up with a picture of a scene from the movie being rated, a little blurb about it at the bottom, and a wav of the catchphrase: "they're here", "Here's Johnny", "Every town has an elm street", stuff like that (although the one for Halloween had no speaking or anything, just the eerie music). The one for Silence of the Lambs had Hannibal Lecter saying that business at the end about how he'd love to stay and chat but he's having an old friend for dinner. The part that confused me, though, was how the quippy blurb describing why this is scary said "Hannibal Lecter with his chilling words and scary accent will frighten us forever."

Since when is an English accent scary?

That Eric Idle scares the living poop out of me. That accent? Damn. And forget about those two chicks on AbFab...

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