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The End of an Era

Taking the Bus to Work

  • 15-20 minutes ride time, walking to and from bus stops, and the mandatory 5 minute early arrival for ensured bus catching. Total: 30 minute commute.

  • If I'm running late and I miss a bus, I must wait at least 20 minutes for the next bus, whether I was 15 minutes late or 15 seconds.

  • If I stay at work or go to the gym afterwards, I must either stop whatever I am doing to catch the 7pm bus or take the metro, which adds 30 minutes to my commute.

  • If there's some bus delay, traffic jam, or other act of God, there's nothing to do but sit, realize your insignificance in the cosmic scheme of things, and do another crossword.

  • When choosing books, packing for the gym, or taking things to and from work, encumbrance often affects speed and maneuverability.

  • Taking public transportation means rarely buying gas.

  • $1.25 each way - $2.50 per day. Approximately 20 workdays per month: $50 per month.

  • Driving to Work

  • 10-15 minute drive. Stairs from apartment, elevator to office. Total: 20 minute commute.

  • If I'm running late I will only be as late as I am.

  • If I stay at work or go to the gym afterwards, I can leave whenever I feel like it and still get home in the same amount of time.

  • If there's some construction delay, traffic jam, or other act of God, I can try to meander through backstreets or take other routes to buck the holdup.

  • What's considered a heavy load for me is no issue for a car.

  • I usually get about 280 miles per 10-gallon tank of gas. If gas is $2.50, that's about nine cents a mile. Work is about 3 miles from home. Daily gas cost approx. $0.55.

  • Parking: $85 per month. Approximately 20 workdays per month: $4.25 per day.

  • I decided yesterday to switch my deduction from MetroCheck to a parking permit. It seems like I've made the right choice. And even though part of my decision to stick with Justice after the accident rather than getting a new car was that taking the bus was less taxing on her, I still don't think 6 miles will shorten her life that much.

    A few years ago, I would have given my left tit to be able to drive into work. Now that I've reached a certain peace with public transportation, I almost feel guilty going back to driving - as though I've given up the fight. I'm sure this won't last long. In fact, the next time it's raining and I'm still dry, I'll have forgotten all about it.
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