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Infectious Disease or Ikea Product: Answers and Awards

For those of you who are curious, here's the answers to Friday's Infectious Disease or Ikea Product game. For those of you who haven't yet played, answers are behind the cut:

Anisakiasis: Infectious Disease
Dengue: Infectious Disease
Mumsig: Ikea Product
Pertussis: Infectious Disease
Kaustby: Ikea Product
Giardia: Infectious Disease
Kolja: Ikea Product
Aneboda: Ikea Product
Agerum: Ikea Product
Klebsiella: Infectious Disease
Marfan: Disease (though not really infectious)
Koncsis: Ikea Product
Kuru: Infectious Disease. Perhaps the most fascinating ever: it nearly wiped out an entire culture in New Guinea during the 50's because of their taste for human brains. People would eat the brains of the people who died from it because brains are so goddamn delicous, and then contract the disease. Awesome.

And the Winner is: subbes with a perfect 13 out of 13!

1st Runner up: eideteker with 11 out of 13!

2nd Runners up: chaoticgoodnik, chaobell, and demedulce with an impressive 9 out of 13!

I gotta give a shout out to all the participants. The lowest score was a 6/13, and nine of you got that score. Excellent pollin', folks.
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