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Costumes! Booby Traps!

This weekend was highlighted by two Halloween parties and Saturday's 4-hour frantic search-and-creation of the requisite costumes. Evan had been kicking around the idea of going as Brock Samson for a while, but I was stumped. After searching through 2 party stores, 3 thrift stores, and a trip to Target that resulted in the purchasing of mere mundane items, I suddenly remembered a dress I had in my closet that looked pretty close to Dr. Girlfriend's "Charlene" disguise (calamine_tea or rahaeli may recognize it). Of course, taking an already obscure costume idea and narrowing it down to one episode made it so that only our friends knew what the hell I was, but we thought it was funny:

That's us with the Ghost of soarjubs and the witch who married him.

Samson-sized upper body: polyester batting glued onto a t-shirt.

Curly Blonde Mullet: Wig intended for women dressing up like hippies (hippies with platinum afros, I suppose), cut into mullet shape.

Mutton Chops: all real, babies. Time prevented them from being dyed blonde.

A friend of ours and his fiancee dressed like GW and Condi. Using makeup to turn a white chick into a black chick? Ballzy.

Dressing up as a Danish Cartoon? Ballzier.

Unfortunately, this is a tragic shot of Bob as Cookie Monster, but it was the only one I got of this masterpiece of dangerous costuming.

Miss observacious as the unicorn-riding princess.

This guy wore one of those leaf-bag scarecrow things. Here he is posing with his emptyheaded brother ba-dum dum.

Spoooooooooooooky Spaaaaaaaaaaaarky.

Thank goodness for leather couches.

In all of the pictures I tried to scrunch my nose up in the Venture-chick style, but it just made me look like an old Chinese stereotype cartoon.
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