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This or That: Star Wars Alien Race or Foreign Snack Food

I have to admit, I was a little worried about crossing the limits of Nerdliness with this week's This or That. But considering the audience, what the hell was I thinking. As usual, answers behind the cut for late-players:

Duvalin - Foreign Snack Food.
Sanyassan - Star Wars Alien Race.
Nikto - Star Wars Alien Race.
Torrone - Foreign Snack Food.
Weequay - Star Wars Alien Race.
Kubaz - Star Wars Alien Race.
Gulab Jamun - Foreign Snack Food.
Mandolato - Foreign Snack Food.
Krowki - Foreign Snack Food.
Kitonak - Star Wars Alien Race.
Doraemon - subbes is right. The package decieved me into believing Doraemon is a Foreign Snack Food, however, it appears this is the character's name and not the food's name. As if to say Mr. T is a cereal. Credit to Subbes and the folks who voted Snack Food.
Ugnaught - Star Wars Alien Race.
Jodekoeken - Foreign Snack Food.
Mantecol - Foreign Snack Food.
Nautolan - Star Wars Alien Race.

This was a tough one, and it appears to have intimidated many, including rskipwo, who answered only one, verymandy answering only two, and subbes only answering one. It couldda been a hat trick.

Without further ado, this week's Winner and Nerdimus Prime: chaobell coming in with an impressively geeky 12 out of 15!

1st Runner up, that Nerd of All Trades, soarjubs with 10 out of 15.

The tie for 2nd runner up is between formidable nerds edieteker and tarpo.

Thanks for another successful round, folks. Suggestions for future This or That bouts welcome.
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