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This or That: Scandinavian Death Metal Band or Atari 2600 Game

Perhaps this week was a little easier than I thought, but I gotta say, damn fun to research. If you still want to play, don't open the cut.

Night Stalker Atari 2600 Game.
Merciless Scandinavian Death Metal Band.
Dimension Zero Scandinavian Death Metal Band.
Armor Ambush Atari 2600 Game.
Entombed is both an Atari 2600 Game AND a Scandinavian Death Metal Band!
Dark Chambers Atari 2600 Game.
In Flames Scandinavian Death Metal Band.
Killer Satellites Atari 2600 Game.
Zyklon Scandinavian Death Metal Band.
Nightrage Scandinavian Death Metal Band.
Wizard of Wor Atari 2600 Game.
Skyfire Scandinavian Death Metal Band.
Berzerk Atari 2600 Game.

The Harshest, Most Metal Gamer of the Week: rskipwo slays the competition with 12/13!

Thrashing close behind, tarpo with 11/13!

And the equally brutal 2nd runners up, renob423 and edieteker with 10/13!

Rock on, nerds.
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