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This or That: NHL Player or Pokémon

Just a quick note before we go on to the actualization of the competitive spirit: This week's Friday Poll will be a Monday Poll. I will be in a tryptophan coma on Friday, and we'll all need something to gear us back up from the 4-day weekend.

And now for the answers. As usual, they've been snipped to protect the latecomers:

Sydor - NHL Player.
Torchic - Pokémon.
Latios - Pokémon.
Tenkrat - NHL Player.
Kudroc - NHL Player.
Ledyba - Pokémon.
Skudra - NHL Player.
Ruutu - NHL Player.
Seadra - Pokémon.
Lupul - NHL Player.
Staryu - Pokémon.
Milotic - Pokémon.
Turek - NHL Player.

Dayum. I thought you guys got spanker-dankered last week. Sorry to say, piperlemons, you've been unseated as the lowest scoring This or That participant, coincidentally enough by another first-time player, batbat. I would think living in Japan would balance out an Englishman's limited access to American hockey, but way to tank it, man. 2/13. Welcome aboard!

This week's winner, bucking the "First Time's the Bomb" curse with what I would suspect a cheater's score had I not known he's both a big dork and from Michigan (and the only respondent to correctly identify Milotic as a Pokémon) is matic with 12/13!

And like so many hockey games, tarpo and friendship7 are tied for second with 10/13!

Rounding out third: Pittsburgh's Favorite Daughter observacious slips in with 8/13!

And that, as they say, is that. See you fools on Monday.

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