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Cold Hard Facts.

The majority of my job is researching stuff on the internet. People at work come and ask me seemingly ridiculous questions like the one I got yesterday that asked if there was any data to refute a claim that nonunion construction sites are more dangerous to immigrant workers than union sites. You may think, like I did at first, that this is impossible to research.

While I have yet to find exactly what I need, I did find this awesome collection of information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: all the reported workplace injuries that caused people to miss work in 2005 broken down by type of accident and the racial demographic of the injured. With this document, we can make the following statements:

According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, African Americans were twice as likely as Hispanics to miss work in 2005 because of an injury resulting from an assault involving hitting, kicking, or beating, but nearly 91% of reported injuries where an employee missed work because of an assault involving biting were suffered by Whites. Hispanics were twice as likely as Blacks to miss work because of an assault by an animal, and three times as likely to become injured from falling off a ladder. Approximately the same amount of Blacks and Hispanics, however, were struck by or slammed in a door or a gate. Similarly, the same amount of Blacks were injured from exposure to radiation as American Indian/Alaska Natives. Whites suffered nearly 100% of reported injuries from excavation or trenching cave-ins, lightning strikes, and prolonged exposure to noise.

So if you ever want to say that Hispanics are most likely to get burned in a battery explosion, here's your backup.

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