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The Sour Injustice Fiasco: Epilogue

The Justice Saga concludes. In the last chapter, it was determined that in spite of the body shop manager's seemingly unprompted claims to the contrary, the reason my gas pedal was misaligned was because of a loose throttle cable. Over Thanksgiving, I showed the pedal to my sister-in-law's little brother, a mechanic, and told him the whole story. He said I was right, and had he had his tackle box with him, he'd have been able to take out the slack and reset the cable with some clamp thing commonly used in fishing. He suggested I tell a mechanic the exact problem, and not to pay more than an hour's worth of labor to fix it.

A woman at work, a very high-maintenance, picky type (she drives a red Cooper Mini with the license plate HI DRAMA) recommended a local mechanic to me and I figure, if they can make her happy, they'll make me happy. I took it in last night, described the problem on the slip and got a call first thing. The mechanic was confused as to how it could have gotten loose, and I told him as short a version of the story as I could without a few beers and a few hours to do so. He said he called a dealership earlier to see about a new cable, and the dealership said Dodge no longer makes throttle cables for a 95 Neon. I told him what my brother-in-law said, he agreed, and less than an hour later, called to say it was ready.

I just got back from picking it up. My baby is all better. Labor charged: 30 minutes.

I noticed when showing the problem to my B-I-L, just how shiny and new the cable looked. Hearing now that new cables aren't available, and thinking about how quickly the body shop guy denied any possibility of the cable being the problem, I'm pretty sure he knew exactly what was wrong. I've come up with a few options:

  • He for some reason was unable to fix the cable, so went through the entire instructional charade of showing me how to tell whether or not it's broken as a way to show me what was wrong.

  • He knew it was a half-hour fix, and since I said I refused to pay for any more labor or diagnostic fees, figured either bothering with the body shop/mechanic discrepancy wasn't worth my time, or that fixing it wasn't worth his.

  • He knew they couldn't get a replacement throttle cable for my car, and that looking for a used proper cable would be too costly or too much effort. He put in one that he figured would do well enough, and hoped I wouldn't notice or that I'd believe him when he said I was wrong.

  • He's still just a complete idiot.

    Any one of these things are possible, but the conclusion remains. Avoid Koons Dodge at all costs.
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