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This or That: Dungeons & Dragons Module or Choose Your Own Adventure Book

Another rough week for This or That. Granted, only seven people played, but four of you got less than 50%.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
To Find a King: Dungeons & Dragons Module.
The Curse of Batterslea Hall: Choose Your Own Adventure Book.
In Search of the Unknown: Dungeons & Dragons Module.
Shady Dragon Inn: Dungeons & Dragons Module.
The Dragons' Den: Choose Your Own Adventure Book.
Beyond the Crystal Cave: Dungeons & Dragons Module.
The Case of the Silk King: Choose Your Own Adventure Book.
The Secret of Bone Hill: Dungeons & Dragons Module.
The Treasure of the Onyx Dragon: Choose Your Own Adventure Book.
The Forest Oracle: Dungeons & Dragons Module.
Path of the Crusaders: Choose Your Own Adventure Book.
Isle of the Ape: Dungeons & Dragons Module.
The Forbidden Castle: Choose Your Own Adventure Book.

Honors to soarjubs scoring a perfect 13/13 on his suggested theme, and the only person to correctly identify "The Secret of Bone Hill" as a D&D Module. I would have expected nothing less from such a giant, giant nerd.

Tied for second, with 8/13: observacious and edieteker! To find out how big a geek you are, turn to page 83. To deny yourself and go have sex with the first thing you can, turn to page 16.

Tomorrow I'll be putting This or That in its own separate entry, behind a cut. I think the Poll is too long with them together, but I'm having too much fun with This or That to stop now. For those of you who like to play polls on Friday, this will seem like double-poll. To everyone who hates seeing longass polls on their friends list every Friday at noonish, it will look shorter this week and you're boring and hate fun.
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