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Airing of the Grievances

At work, our department is having a little Festivus celebration, with each of us having been put in charge of one of the Festivus traditions. I have been nominated to head up the Airing of the Grievances.

What I've decided to do is a variation on a game my family played over Thanksgiving called Whoonu. I'm going to make up a deck of cards, each with an office Grievance on them. Each player gets however many cards. Each round, one person is IT. The other players throw down cards face down of what they think is IT's biggest Grievance. IT looks at the cards, and lays them out from biggest to least grievance. The player that throw in the biggest grievance gets the most points, and so on down to the player who threw in the least grievance. Total score wins.

We've got 8 people in the department, so I'll need a *minimum* of 100 cards. So far I'm thinking of stuff like:

Weird Cell Phone Rings
Answering Blackberry in a Meeting
Conference Calls
The Database
Stinky Food
Copier Jams
Spam Email

If anybody has some suggestions, please comment. I know some of these sound my-office-specific, but general office grievances are more than welcome.

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