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Happy Halloween!

In the spirit of the day, I decided to go the extra mile and dress up a bit. I’m not wearing a clown suit or anything, but I busted out some of my old dark shrouds and my fangs (custom fit, thanks to which I got a few extra points on that goth quiz) and wear them to work today. Slipping into them and doing up my eyes felt like putting on an old pair of jeans.

I figure today I can get away with it, so why the hell not? It was amazing to see how many dead souls were on the metro this morning--and I’m the one looking like a vampire. Stares, glares, and open-jaws abounded. It kinda felt like I was back in High School (or, Dale, in that Charlotte Mall). But this is Halloween for crying out loud. I can’t believe those sheep couldn’t step out of themselves for one goddamn day. You have been given the chance to have fun on an otherwise humdrum Wednesday. Today, I’m in the right. I’m the normal one. You’re the freak. You’re the fun-vortex. You’re the person who’s so tragically boring that I pity the person who has to sleep with you.

Jesus, I wish I was this confident back when I wore this stuff every day…

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