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This or That: Pro or Con

This one turned out much better than I expected. I was merely hoping for a flush, but I do believe it was a full house!
Johnny Ringo: Old West Outlaw..
Tom Brownscombe: Professional Poker Player.
William "Curly Bill" Brocius: Old West Outlaw..
Walter "Puggy" Pearson: Professional Poker Player.
Buck English: Old West Outlaw..
Bill Doolin: Old West Outlaw..
Thomas "Amarillo Slim" Preson: Professional Poker Player.
Billy Baxter: Professional Poker Player.
Tom "Black Jack" Ketchum: Old West Outlaw..
Woody Deck: Professional Poker Player.
Julius "Little Man" Popwell": Professional Poker Player.
John "Texas Jack" Vermillion: Old West Outlaw..
Captain Tom Franklin: Professional Poker Player.

Let's start with the lowest-scoring participant of the week. I guess even when you're flipping a coin you can get tails 11 out of 13 times. Congratulations, chaobell on your stellar 2/13!

Second place was a draw (ooh double pun) between segue and turkishturki with 10/13! In the game of This or That, these two fellas are a pair of Jacks.

First place also was a draw. Two gunslingers at high noon. They were here last week, making their debuts in the rankings pulling down second place showings. But this time it's for keeps. Sweat beads on their foreheads as they pray for that last magic bullet. Lady Luck aiode and the King of Hearts ccjohn take the pot with 11/13!

And now, since I seem only to be able to post polls these days:
Poll #887984 This or That: Friday or Monday

Do you like playing This or That on Friday or Monday?


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