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Movin' on Up

Today is the day of the Great Cube Move. At least it would have been. There were big plans here to do an all-inclusive one day switch around, since some of the “gifted ones” from upstairs have decided that their space is insufficient and that we must shift around as a result. So a new seating chart was drafted and we were all to move our stuff today. It would be out of character for our fearless leader to plan on the hyper-competent Help Desk must handle everything to do with the computers, almost to the point where they get antsy when one of the serfs even turn them on ourselves. The plan was trashed—-the Help Desk is incapable of moving and plugging in more than four computers a day, so they will be moving them 4 and 5 a day for two weeks. And since none of the rest of us can follow Bill’s handy color-coded plug-to-outlet system, we are at their mercy.

For some reason, I was chosen as one of the people to move the first. My supervisor and I will be sharing an office, which I can’t support more. I don’t remember if I have mentioned this before, but our cubicles give cubicles a bad name. Triangicles would be more suitable, since to make a cube shape, you need more than two walls. Two-walled “cubicles” in a staircase shape sure look like triangles to me. Any of you that are in a real honest-to-god cube, imagine situating your monitor in one corner, removing a third wall and having your back to hallway traffic. It’s that private.

Yesterday was spent deciding on the floor plan setup of our new office. This room isn’t really meant for two people to share, it’s more of a one bigshot with a table and some shelves kind of office. Let alone two people plus a library. We are going to be sharing our awkward space (one of the corners is cut off with a small diagonal wall) with a bunch of file cabinets. Figuring out how to arrange the desks was difficult. Neither of us wanted our backs to the door, which is understandable. My boss seemed to be less concerned with how her desk was set up and allowed me to choose my position first and then just fit hers in the remaining space. As a result, I have a perfect alignment with a window overlooking the hall, back to the wall, face to the door, and with her desk cattycornered in that diagonal bleh-wall, it looks like she’s my secretary. My new favorite gag to say to people who come in to ooh and aah about our new office is to either lean back and put my feet up or fold my hands in front of my nameplate and say "So, you’re interested in a loan..."

I might miss the social aspects of the Triangles, but then again, I probably won’t. A gal can get used to this. And to think, the move is only going to have consumed two full days of my workweek.
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