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This or That: Big Apple or Second City

Everything's still a little upheaved from the holidays and vacations, so today's new This or That will likely be a bit late, maybe even tomorrow. As for last week,

Carla Espinoza: Fictional Chicagoan.
Dorothy Zbornak: Fictional New Yorker.
Clubber Lang: Fictional Chicagoan.
Jim Ignatowski: Fictional New Yorker.
Raymond Vecchio: Fictional Chicagoan. I want to apologize for this one. I assumed "Due South" was just some other cop drama I had never heard of, which while true, I had never heard of it because it's a Canadian cop drama.
Lenny Leonard: Fictional Chicagoan.
Nick Fury: Fictional New Yorker.
Michael Dawson: Fictional New Yorker.
Larry Appleton: Fictional Chicagoan.
Travis Bickle: Fictional New Yorker.
Nathan Bookman: Fictional Chicagoan.
Crusader: Fictional Chicagoan.
Ned Flanders: Fictional New Yorker.

A lot of high scorers this week. It's all in knowing who the characters are, and then knowing enough about them.
The winner, and this week's fictional historian is renob423 with 9/13!

Coming in second, with 8/13, those wacky neighbors bookgrrrl and popespydie!

And with this many people coming in third, they should get their own sitcom! With an impressive 8/13 just above 50% score of 7/13, we have rskipwo, calamine_tea, eideteker and coldblackncold!
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