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This or That: Native American or Brewed European

You guys really crushed it this week. Looking at the bars, I was psyching myself up for a whole mess of perfect scores. On closer inspection, the carnage didn't turn out so terribly. With that,

Kriek: European Beer.
Hidatsa: Native American Tribe.
Kotayk: European Beer.
Platan: European Beer.
Saponi: Native American Tribe.
Karuk: Native American Tribe.
Corsendonk: European Beer. I think this is a TorT first: EVERYBODY got this one right.
Niantic: Native American Tribe.
Trebjesa: European Beer.
Nomlaki: Native American Tribe.
Tongva: Native American Tribe.
Skopsko: European Beer.
Umatilla: Native American Tribe.

In first place, showing she knows a jolly lot about the fire water, poooplord makes her winners' circle debut with 12/13!
Raise your pints and toke your peace pipes for ccjohn and popespydie who come in second with 11/13!
They're no Budweiser, but they'll do! In 3rd place, eideteker, and darkymoore with 10/13!

And since I appear to be the only sucker alive actually at work today, This or That will appear tomorrow morning.

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