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It's Friday Poll Time!

Poll #909839 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

eideteker -- For any of you whose work has also blocked you from YouTube, this is a 14-part collection of a live Queen concert in 1986.

Oh, I don't think so.
I find it hard to believe anyone young enough to know what YouTube is a big enough Queen fan to watch 2 hours of them.
So yeah, uh...Wayne's World was pretty funny, huh?
Man I loved that Sirius or XM commercial whatever it was where the guy was listening to Another One Bites the Dust while driving in a funeral procession. The look on his face made me laugh every time.

jerasue -- In your opinion, what sex toy for a woman was most obviously designed by a man?

Those super-enormous excruciatingly-detailed penis-shaped dildos. I guess since they all seem to want a seven pound cock, they assume we do too.
Granted I've never tried one, but those little butterfly stimulators you're supposed to keep in your undies or on a belt or something. I can't imagine how they would actually stay where they were supposed to or not be annoying.
The Clone-A-Willy Kit (if you click this at work don't blame me). What we want is a vibrating penis. But not just any penis. Your penis.
All the little duckie/bunny/mouse/whatever cutesy toys. Because what we want in masturbation is something we can pet and coo about. Granted the cute is irresistible.

observacious -- Now that you no longer live alone, is there anything that you refuse to stop doing even though it may be scary or disturbing to the other person?

Keeping my closet calendar. Those of you who know what that means, you know how insane it is and I'll be damned if I stop now.
Stockpiling toiletries. I don't know what it is, but having backup shampoo and stuff gives me an unparalleled feeling of security.
Constantly gnawing on plastic forks, straws, and stirrers, and having a Reach Access flosser for every room.
Organizing my underwear in three partitioned boxes, based on three distinct categories.

subbes -- Are crock pots worth it?

I certainly hope so. I got one for Christmas and I'd hate to have wasted that gift.
If you're the type of person who thinks about what they're having for dinner 9 hours in advance, sure.
Damn right. Even if only for the annual Beefy Velveeta Superbowl Queso dip.
Sheeyah. All I want is something that makes cooking take longer.

absolutcalm -- It's my theory that drinking certain liquors shows you to be a certain type of person (i.e., Gin is for old ladies): what kind of liquor does silly whores like Paris Hilton drink and why?

Malibu/Parrot Bay/Whalers Coconut/Pineapple/Whatever Rum. There's hardly any alcohol in them so they can have dozens of drinks and do silly whoreish things and then say they were wasted.
Champagne. They don't have to worry about having to tell a bartender how to make it, and it's so bubbly and fun!
Skyy Vodka. It's in a blue bottle! That's hot.
Whatever the owner of the next dick they're sucking buys them.

renob423 -- how come when something breaks, it sometimes works if you turn it off then turn it back on again. (this happened to my broadband connection thingy yesterday)

I dunno. Why is it when you're looking for something for hours and you decide to actively stop looking for it it suddenly appears?
Sometimes when I'm in a bad mood, if I take a nap or go to bed, when I wake up I feel much better. Same diff'.
Shhhhh! That's how us "IT Technicians" make money!
When you turn the machinery off, you trick the gnomes inside into believing you have gone to sleep and it's safe for them to bring in the releif shifts.

soarjubs -- What is the best food/beverage related video game and why?

Chex Quest. This was an FPS that came free with Rice Chex for a while where you fought soggies with a spoon or milk. What made it awesome is they used the Doom 2 maps, engine, graphics...everything except the bad guys were soggies and your gun a spoon.
Burgertime. The original, the best, and the only place you can properly utilize the world's strongest weapon against pickles and fried eggs: pepper.
Sneak King. I haven't seen it. I haven't played it. But the creepyass King sneaks up on unsuspecting bystanders and presents them with beef, and tha'ts all I need to know.
Everquest. Apparently you can order pizza with it. That's more food-related than anything.

friendship7 -- Best use for your complementary high school graduation coffee mug. Name it.

"Preparing" all of those "study aids" in college for consumption.
Holding pencils you'll never use on the desk you'll never sit at again in your old bedroom at your parents' house.
Being smashed on the floor in a bitter, angsty, drunken haze over 4th of July after senior year.
Slowly fading from years of proud daily use by your mother.

From Evan: What was the most unfunny comedy of 2006?

Since I work out at lunch, I'm often exposed to daytime courtroom television shows (and not the good one). Either it's the topic of the day or there's a bumper asking people to come in and take DNA tests to prove "I'm not the baby's father!". Who's the biggest loser here?

The woman, for admitting of all the men she had thoughtless, unprotected sex with around the time her child was conceived, she may or may not have pegged the one who knocked her up, and the quality of man she's willing to spread for.
The man, for admitting he's not the only one she was irresponsibly sleeping with at the time; willing to shirk in his child raising duties; and in most cases, has a limited grasp of the process of conception.

That was a trick question. Clearly, the biggest loser is the child. What good could possibly come out of this for that kid?

He'll have a cool video to show his friends about the time when his parents were on TV arguing with the judge about whether or not they wanted to admit to being related to me.
Whether boy or girl, the child will have a visual reminder of exactly how not to behave in this world ever ever again.
A rock solid excuse for the Juvenile Hall psychiatrist as to why they are the way they are.
The ultimate trump card for the "Describe a personal hardship you have overcome during your life" college entrance essay.


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