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This or That: Original or Spinoff

This week, on a Very Special This or That, our players chose between spinoff programs and the shows that made them.
Welcome Back Kotter: Original.
Good Times: Spinoff.
Knots Landing: Spinoff.
Party of Five: Original.
Mork & Mindy: Spinoff.
Family Matters: Spinoff.
Sanford and Son: Original.
Columbo: Original.
The Facts of Life: Spinoff.
Designing Women: Original.
Laverne and Shirley: Spinoff.
Benson: Spinoff.
What's Happening: Original.

Will ccjohn and eideteker make the basketball team with their near-perfect 12/13 scores?

Did bfirrera, petdance, observacious, and tarpo use the draft of the poll they found on the faculty xerox machine to get their impressive 11/13?

And can ao and buxmama have the courage to stand proud in third place, knowing they did a good job with 10/13?

Tune in next Monday at 10am.
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