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This or That: Cocktail or Professional Wrestling Move

Well, well, well. All you candyasses come in here, thinking you're all hot shit with your boozing and your bruising. Well I tell ya, you got NUTHIN'. Ya hear me out there? Do you feel the pain of This or That? Have you felt the incredible hangover of defeat? Can you take the burn?

Royal Arrival: Cocktail.
Snake Eyes: Professional Wrestling Move.
Stinger : Cocktail.
Bull Shot: Cocktail.
Irish Whip: Professional Wrestling Move.
Wolfram: Cocktail.
Gutwrench: Professional Wrestling Move.
Frog Splash: Professional Wrestling Move.
Missouri Mule: Cocktail.
Asian Mist: Professional Wrestling Move.
Planter's Punch: Cocktail.
Lady of the Lake: Professional Wrestling Move.
Boston Crab: Professional Wrestling Move.

In the This or That Battle Royale, there can be only one winner. When they all got thrown over the ropes, only tarpo was standing, with 11/13!
An Irishman and an Italian. If there ever was a boozehound tag team, it would be ccjohn and friendship7, pounding shots and opponents with 10/13!
And if one more person scored 8/13, we'd have the Four Horsemen: eideteker, renob423, and chaobell. Whether they're missing Rick Flair or Jose Cuevo is your call.

Mej Note: There will not be a This or That next week, February 12. I will be wooshing down the mountains of West Virginia.

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