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Acrostic Resumes

I was helping Evan work on his resume last night and we noticed the first letters of his bulletpoints were A C E S O W M. Move them around and change that C word to another E word and you have AWESOME.

Which begs the question, would this be a good subliminal message? Would a hiring manager see this and think "Wow, the balls on this guy. What a jackass" or "Wow, the balls on this guy. I have to hire him"?

Mae N. Carnate 124588 Frank Drive, LJLand, USA

  • Heightens overall Livejournal quality with witty and insightful posts

  • Implements weekly polls from approximately 8-15 randomly-submitted questions

  • Reviews This or That participant scores, posts results within 4 days

  • Examines relevant entries on a daily basis

  • Maintains approximately 100 mutual friends

  • Expresses distaste for Grammar Naziism and sycophantic commenting

  • References available upon request

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