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This or That: Sitcom Cameos

It was a little change of format this week on This or That, but a nice change that should provide variety in the future.

In case anybody ever wonders, this one was inspired by something I saw on the Soup which looked like a poster for a Sylvester Stallone movie I'd never seen. It was going to be Obscure Stallone Movie or Obscure Schwartzenegger Movie, but as I was imdbing Stallone, all the movies he was in I'd never heard of had a picture of him on the poster. Too easy. Little known movie roles became little known TV roles and so we have:

The Golden Girls: George Clooney.
Head of the Class: Brad Pitt.
Mr. Belvedere: Seth Green.
My Two Dads: Giovanni Ribisi.
Kate & Allie: Ben Stiller.
Married with Children: Renee Zellweger.
Blossom: Will Smith.
21 Jump Street: Vince Vaughn.
The Facts of Life: Juliette Lewis.
Charles in Charge: Jerry O'Connell.
227: Cuba Gooding Jr.
Growing Pains: Heather Graham.
Roseanne: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a double-first. This or That's first-ever Perfect Score goes to first-time player kadi! Congratulations!

Coming in second, with 11 out of 13: Man #4 absolutcalm and Girl in Diner dreaming_soul!

Third place goes to those other two teenagers our star hung out with one time that acted like they're around all the time (or at least enough to score 9/13), friendship7 and darkymoore!

All the rest of you extras must go uncredited.
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