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It's Friday Poll Time!

Poll #938611 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

popespydie -- KFC is doing fish, McDonalds is planning 24/7 breakfast, what is the next Fast Food Evolution?

Arby's finally getting on board with the whole Dollar Menu thing.
A Steak 'n' Shake on every corner.
Breaking down the combo menu so one can get a gigantic soda but only small fries, and vice versa.
Once McDonalds breakfast is available 24/7, the pinnacle of Fast Food Evolution will be achieved. No further improvments would be necessary, even if it were possible to improve upon 24 Hour Bacon Egg & Cheese.

renob423 -- my soap scent is cuecumber mellon (cause i like green, green fucking rules all other colors) why were these 2 thrown together to make a hybrid green scent? it's not like you see dandiloion pineapple scented soap or cherry rose soap anywhere.

Of all the green vegetables, cucumbers are the most fragrant. After what broccoli and asparagus have done to my pee, I certainly don't want to smell what they do to my skin.
Because the other options for green hybrid scents were grass, lime, apple, or some kind of herb. Apple and melon pretty much smell the same, Cucumber Basil would smell like Greek food, and Grass Melon is just silly.
You clearly do not spend much time at Bath & Body Works. I currently am using Black Raspberry Vanilla, after having finished the Mango Mandarin last week. Next up: Brown Sugar & Fig.
My disgusting behemoth of a roommate Senior year used to douse herself in Cucumber Melon every day and any time I get a whiff of it I can see her and her tackyass purple lipstick pushing cheeseburgers in her mouth with her pudgy manicured fingers.

subbes -- Why the hatin'?

Bitches be jealous.
I want to thank God Almighty for giving everybody so much and me so little.
Amen, sister. Don't hate; celebrate.
Because just who do they think they are?

soarjubs -- I submit that this country would take a giant leap forward in awesomeness if politicans had wrestler-style entrance themes with appropriate pyrotechnical flare and hot chick arm candy. What do you think?

I think I'd like to see the Junior Senator from Arizona holding up a Cheney 3:16 sign.
I think it might get lame real fast if they end up picking the kinds of songs they pick when they run for president. Fleetwood Mac does not make for a kickass entrance theme.
I think I'd like to see what the move called the Nonbinding Resolution looks like.
I think CSPAN might finally be worth watching for more than the occasional nosepick.

eideteker -- Help, I've fallen in love with my temp job! What do I do?

Like all short-term relationships of convenience, the moment you feel any sort of emotional connection, you must sever it. Call your temp dispacher and get relocated immediately.
You love your temp job because the onus of tenure is not upon you. If you think this love is real and try to make something out of it, you will become miserable like the rest of us.
You're a nomad. A wanderer. You're not made for the steady constance of your own cube. You make no files, you leave no cookies. You are the temp. You say you love your job now, but we all know you're going to be packed and gone in six weeks.
Of course you love your temp job. Nobody really expects much of you, they don't expect you to stay late, and they're hesitant to ask you to do anything too shitty for fear of being perceived as someone who abuses the "help." Enjoy it while it lasts.

absolutcalm -- 50 Teenage Cheerleaders were supposed to come eat at my restaurant, in Wisconsin. There was a terrible snow storm and the girls never showed. What's the worst that could have happened? (hint: we already guessed that they ate each other alive in a snowbank)

They ate each other out in a snowbank.
Blinded by the conditions, they find themselves lost and at the doorstep of a remote cabin. There is only room for 15 of them, and the homeowner demands they peform a cheer-off to detemine who will live and who will die.
After their bus broke down, they searched the wildnerness for food and shelter. Finding a den of bears, they call upon all Disney taught them and ask the bears for food with song and dance. The bears instead show them what A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E means.
They'd have eaten at a TGIFridays. Thank god for that snowstorm.

observacious -- So, just because you mistakenly went to work on a holiday the rest of us didn't get any This or That? Even on Tuesday? Why must you take your mistake out on us?

Baby, please. I am not from Havana.
I had put This or That off until that morning, and knowing it can take me a couple of hours to do, I didn't want to end up staying at work on my surprise holiday. Okay so that doesn't explain why I took it out on you.
I turned down a hangout invitation last Sunday night, woke up regular time on a day off, and then had to deal with the shame of my mistake. Who really suffered here?
Of anyone out there, you're the only one with ground to pass guff from for not doing a TorT. And I gotta say, positive feedback like this will make me reconsider skipping a week in the future.

From Evan -- Most fun arcade shooter:

House of the Dead
Hogan's Alley
Area 51
Operation Wolf

Tyra Banks is to appropriate, believable champion in the charge against sizeism as:

Jennifer Lopez is to the sanctity of marraige.
Keith Richards is to the new face of D.A.R.E..
Joan Rivers is to the Campaign for Real Beauty.
Sally Struthers is to Feed the Children.


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