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Nerding in my Sleep

I had THE NERDIEST dream last night. Okay, well there were two, but the first one involved me and my mom breaking into model homes so we could swim in their indoor pool and sit in the hot tub. While I was looking at another pool they had in the house, I heard another group of people breaking in and I yelled at my mom that we had to go NOW and got all frustrated with her because she wanted to dry off and change out of her bathing suit before we made a run for it.

Then I had a dream where I was in a classroom in my high school with some people from my class taking a test about Dungeons & Dragons that soarjubs wrote. It was like a standardized test where the middle was stapled like a booklet and it had these big color pictures, paragraph-style questions, and multiple choice answers.

I remember one question that had a big picture of a giant and there were some lines behind him as though he were in a police lineup. There was a long description of him that talked about what he did and where he lived and then the question was "Which of the following things are true about this giant". I looked at the lines behind him and figured he was about 20' tall and checked the box next to "This is a Huge creature."

Then there was another question that had a picture of a great big slimy green undead troll-like thing with a bunch of dinosaurs running around gnashing their teeth at it. The question was something like "while the Tyrannosauruses nimbly maneuver around the [something I forget what]-lich, they roar with a sonic attack, but the creature is unaffected. why?"

And as I was debating whether or not whether the right answer was "[something]-liches can't hear", I woke up.

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