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This or That: 21 JumpStreet or Miami Vice

Wellywellywell. I can't remember if I've admitted this to you before, but I like to think of This or That as a competition between me the pairings-comer-upper and you the players. And in the spirit of that competition, I smoked you guys this week.

Viggo Mortensen: Miami Vice.
Jason Priestley: 21 JumpStreet.
Helena Bonham Carter: Miami Vice.
Lou Diamond Phillips: Miami Vice.
Christina Applegate: 21 JumpStreet.
Brad Pitt: 21 JumpStreet.
Kelly Hu: 21 JumpStreet.
Christopher Titus: 21 JumpStreet.
Ben Stiller: Miami Vice.
Bridget Fonda: 21 JumpStreet.
Chris Rock: Miami Vice.
Rosie Perez: 21 JumpStreet.
Lori Petty: Miami Vice.

Congratulations to hotshot ccjohn, who (the odds are good is the only one of us to have ever rolled up his suit sleeves) busts the #1 spot with 8/13!

In second place, with 7/13: chaobell, renob423, and observacious may need to consider switching departments because nobody believes you're 16 anymore.

And bringing up third are petty thugs rustnroses, absolutcalm, and thedrandmr with 6/13!

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