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This or That: Daytime Soaps or Television Weather?

This one cracked me up to research. For every name, I thought in my head, "and from the STORM CENTER 3000, we have..."

Lizzie Spaulding: Daytime Soap Opera Character.
Rich Fields: Television Weather Reporter.
Pete Marquez: Daytime Soap Opera Character.
Tom Fisher: Daytime Soap Opera Character.
Dick Fletcher: Television Weather Reporter.
Adam Alexander : Daytime Soap Opera Character.
Tex Antoine: Television Weather Reporter.
Maria LaRosa: Television Weather Reporter.
Storm Logan: Daytime Soap Opera Character.
Maggie Sullivan: Daytime Soap Opera Character.
Spencer Christian : Television Weather Reporter.
Brant Miller: Television Weather Reporter.
Sean Bridges : Daytime Soap Opera Character.
Amy Freeze: Television Weather Reporter.

We have our second This or That perfect score today, ladies and gentlemen. Congratulations to aiode for being all over this like the Weather Channel on a Hurricane warning. Either that or she watches more than her share of soaps.

In second place, with a formidable 10/13, tarpo! Forecast calls for an 80% chance of cheezy dialogue.

And rounding out third, fortifying the stereotype of the soap-opera watching mommy, sirrani with 8/13!
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