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God damn can I talk about anything but Vegas

I also lost my phone while in Vegas. I think someone has it, because it was fully charged before it disappeared and I noticed it missing only a few hours after I last used it, but when I called it to try and hear it ring, it went straight to voicemail. I called Verizon to have it suspended until further notice (I'm still holding out stupid hope that it will turn up) and nobody has used it since I last did. But seriously. Who steals phones anymore?

Odder still: when I asked the security desk if it had been turned in, they'd ask, "what kind of phone is it?" Grey Motorola Razr. "What service does it have?" Verizon. "What's the phone number?" Phone number. "Nope, no Motorola Phones." wtf, asshole. If you don't have any Motorola phones, who gives a shit which carrier I have?

So what I'm saying is, I'm out of touch phone-wise until further notice. Email me if you need anything.

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