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Should I spend $500 on a side table by Blu Dot?

There was a mini-This or That in last week's poll. subbes asked if she should spend an exorbitant amount of money on a piece of furniture, and I figured if enough people correctly identified the expensive Blu Dot tables from the Ikea tables, it would prove the value of the name brand. I need to get better at explaining when you can choose more than one answer. I guess I figure the check versus the button is self-explanatory, but hey what do I know. Anyhoo, these are the Blu Dot Tables:

The first one was the most commonly identified as an expensive table, with 7 of 11 people guessing it's a Blu Dot. The cheap table most commonly thought to be an expensive table (5/11) was this one:

So there you have it. Should one spend $500 on a table nearly indistinguishable from an Ikea table? You be the judge.

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