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Attn: Internet Wines and Sprits Customer Service

I'm writing to complain about the quality of service I've received during my first and last experience with your store. I was excited to hear about it and last week I ordered a six pack of Fat Tire for my friend's birthday. It hadn't arrived by today, so I checked the status of the order and saw it had been cancelled. I didn't get an email about it, so I called.

I spoke to Jase Bennett, who said it was because I live in Virginia that it got cancelled. I thought I read the list of states on your checkout page pretty closely to make sure Virginia wasn't on it. I asked Jase if I just missed it or if it's not on there, and if it's not there, maybe it should be added? His glib and uncaring response was "I don't have access to that. Best of luck." I tried to re-explain myself, adding that I understand rules are rules, but if this is a rule and it's not on the website, maybe it should be. Jase told me he didn't know if it was on the website or not, apparently is unable to look at the website, but it was moot either way, since that's the rule so your store can no do no further business with me and topped it off with another "best of luck."

I suppose it *is* moot, if you can't ship anything to me, you cannot conduct further business with me, so why bother being courteous to me?

The point of this email is not to challenge the shipping laws or whatever rules there are in existence, but to recommend you update your website and improve your customer communication. Because of this, I didn't have a gift for my friend's birthday. Had I known when I ordered that I couldn't buy it, I would have shopped elsewhere.

I guess this email is as moot as my call - but for Jase and any other operators you have on staff, here's the warning on your shipping page: We cannot ship alcoholic beverages to: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming. Also listed are special shipping prices for Virginia addresses.

So if another customer from Virginia calls and wonders why their friend hasn't gotten their birthday present yet, Jase and anyone else can explain that even though it's not on the list of forbidden states or the Virginia shipping prices on the website, you cannot ship to Virginia, and it is your policy to wait for the customer to contact you to learn this.

Best of Luck,

That's Internet Wines and Sprits:

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