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And we're about to set saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail!

In two short days, Evan and I will be departing for a week-long cruise in Alaska with the majority of his family. In three days, more specifically. In two days I will be departing for Seattle, where we will spend the night since thanks to the presence of grandmotherly types, the all-in-one-day flight/boarding was too stressful. Given that it's Memorial Day weekend, it's probably a safer bet anyway.

Needless to say, I'm excited. We have already booked ourselves on several excursions, including a boat into the "Misty Fjords", a trip looking at totem poles, one around a glacier, and a "pub tour" in Victoria, Canada. The only downside I can see is according to, it's going to be sunny and 68 today through Friday, then changing to 55 and rainy for the entire duration of the cruise.

My first cruise experience was last year and just 4 days. This one is seven, and what I learned on the last cruise was that the days spent "at sea" can get damn boring. Evan and I have already taken a few board games out of their boxes and put just the critical parts in ziplocs for some onboard Settling of the fine country of Catan. DSses fully charged, iPod at the ready, books chosen, and I've got a 2GB memory card for my camera. It's going to be awesome.

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