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A Steaming Hot Cup of Justice

There are several things in this world that bring me great joy: rice, cream soda, ABBA’s song Take a Chance On Me, Castlevania II, my Gingerlilly perfume oil, my platform sneakers ala Spice Girls, 12 Monkeys, the Lincoln Memorial at night, the Jersey Shore in the morning, Southern Virginia gasoline alleys at sunset. But two of such things had never before been brought together in such a blissful way than last night, when David Puddy and the Tick were made one in the same.

I had forgotten that it was on last night until an answering machine message from my brother, begging me to record it for him, reminded me. Fortunately, I got home about fifteen minutes before it was about to start, so I found some room on the end of my Strangers With Candy season two tape and set it up. And yes, Mike, I got it.

Shameful renaming of American Maid and Der Fledermaus aside (I will admit, though, that the Bat Manuel name opens up jokes that were not available to the skittish Flying Mouse, who according to American Maid, had problems with commitment anyway), I have to say it worked. Well. I’m not going to waste anyone’s time postulating on how they may or may not be able to re-create Chariface Chippendale or El Seed in real life. Puddy is genius. Perfect. Perfect face, perfect size…perfect. Arthur was also surprisingly good. It was paced right, the settings were vivid and cartoony, the city-dwellers were dull and colorless in contrast to the superheroes, just as they are in the cartoon.

Sadly, though, it’s too funny. As we have learned from Strangers with Candy, the State, the cartoon version of the Tick, and even to a leeser extent to the always hilarious but never consistently time-slotted Family Guy, it probably won’t last for long. TiVo owners, set up your season passes. The rest of us unfortunates will have to buy some more blank tapes. Record now. It’s good.
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