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Happy...And Telling Bitches.

So if I'm gonna post about the retailers that piss me off, I have to give credit where credit is due. is a fantastic retailer. Excellent shipping prices and speed, and they'll ship anything. Free if you buy $50 worth of stuff - considering they sell everything from toothpaste to toilet paper (even big bulky toilet paper counts in the free shipping), and lots of natural/organic stuff if that's your thing. And they will do your prescriptions for you, process your insurance and charge you the same if not less than what you'd pay at CVS, and ship as many prescriptions as you order at once for $3. I don't know about you but $3 a month is worth not dealing with the pharmacy.

I recently bought a bunch of these CD and DVD storage boxes. Good price, and they look great, but one came defective. says to email them describing the reason for a return and if it's damage or defect, they'll pay for the return shipping. I sent an email with the required information yesterday.

Today I got an email acknowledging my request, apologizing for the damaged merchandise, promising a replacement item, and telling me that I don't have to worry about returning the damaged one. The next email was a confirmation of an order for one box, free shipping, at no cost. Bang.

Great work, I recommend them to anyone.
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