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Zombie eat brains, but zombie cannot swallow this injustice.

Evan and I saw 28 Weeks Later this weekend. I'm getting a little tired of zombie movies personifying zombies (or zombie-like infection movies for you nitpicking dorkbags out there--save us the comment please). In 28 Weeks Later, the Zombie Begbie spends the entire movie chasing down his children. In 28 Days Later, the Infected bit and vomited upon anyone they could sense. They consumed family and stranger with the same lust for blood, neither preferring, nor to the dismay of the survivors, discriminating between the two.

I hate to bring up the Day of the Dead remake, but seriously, zombies feeling sorry for other zombies, empathizing with the disadvantaged humans and then seeking out and killing the head of the rich people? Please.

Then we have the morality tale, as all zombie movies must have, and if you can possibly believe it, it's Anti-War/Anti-U.S. Army.

Six weeks after the initial breakout discussed in the first movie, the Infected have pretty much starved out and shortly thereafter, Britain is declared free of Infection. The U.S. Army arrives to begin cleanup and the repopulation process. The movie begins with a new load of civilians arriving, and an American soldier explaining to them how they have cleared out and cleaned up most of the area the civilians will be living in, but there are still some dangers, so they will not be allowed to leave the safe zone, and in spite of the heavy military presence, they should find things relatively normal with electricity, running water, and even a pub.

Two of the new arrivals are Begbie's kids, who had been on a school trip to the U.S. (?) when the outbreak happened. While they were gone and safe, the house Begbie and their mother had been hiding in got attacked and when she got cornered in a room with six or so Infected, Begbie cut and ran.

Within hours of the kids getting to the Army zone, they hop the fence to go get a picture of their mom. The Army snipers on the roof notice them leave and it's caught on security camera, but the children are not apprehended until after running a few blocks in the unsafe zone, breaking into a pizza parlor, stealing a Vespa and driving a few miles into the London suburbs to their house.

Anyway, long story short [sic], their mom is in there, having survived the outbreak because she has some natural antibody in her blood that allows her to be a carrier of the disease without showing any symptoms. They take her back to the Army zone, and the disease re-spreads.

The Army fortifies the safe zone and locks all the civilians in these dark rooms and chains the doors. Again, the kid somehow walks out the chained room and Zombie Begbie shows up to eat him, runs into the room full of civilians and the whole scene looks a lot like The Zombie Infection Simulator. The civilians, some of whom are now infected, break out of their containment areas and start running around feasting on flesh.

At first, the Army tries to snipe out the infected, but as you can imagine it's hard to tell an Infected from a panicking civilian, so after a few minutes, the Army orders the snipers to shoot everyone. In antiwar fantasyland, that's what the U.S. Army does: they shoot civilians with abandon, killing everyone who might share the physical characteristics of the Infected without taking any precautions to save the innocent.

Then Smart Sniper Guy and Sensitive Army Doctor Girl find the kids and a few civilians and try to escape, since the kids may have the same Rage-resistant antibodies and could be the key to a cure. In case you were wondering what he's been up to since taking Walt off the island, Michael is a helicopter pilot and buddy of Smart Sniper, informs them that the Army will be carrying out Code Red in four minutes.

What's Code Red? In case of an outbreak, first the Americans try to detain the Infected. If that fails, they will selectively eliminate the infected. If that fails, they will carpetbomb the city and kill everyone, Infected and potential Infected alike. Just like they do. You know, that Army that ignores humanity and destroys any place where "Rage" has begun to create a population of "Infected". The same ruthless Army that takes extraordinary measures to eliminate potentially world-destroying problems without worrying about silly consequences like destroying cities and killing civilians.

With Sniper and Doctor's help, Michael lifts two kids to safety, one of whom is infected but thanks to his mother's genes, doesn't appear to be and will now be able to be studied and the cure can be found right? Wrong. The movie ends with Infected running around a burning Paris. Had Michael gone with his gut and let these kids be destroyed with the containment area like the Army told him to, the rest of the world would have been safe, and maybe the Infected wouldn't have set swaths of France on fire.

So wait, what was the moral again?
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