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Monday Morning Bullets

  • This morning while buying my coffee, a guy next to me stops and says "Wow! Pretty eyes". I thank him and he goes, "your mom and dad did a really good job." Awesome. Best pre-breakfast compliment since last summer.

  • Speaking of since last summer, Evan and I will have been together for a year as of tomorrow, and a fantastic year at that. Time, as they say, flies.

  • In other news, I have managed to buy two different birthday cards in the past two weeks, each featuring fart jokes on them. While it saddens me they were both under the Birthday For Him category (even though both were purchased for girls), the joy of knowing we live in a society in which one can purchase fart-joke birthday cards more than makes up for it.

  • Also in the card aisle upon last visit: a Thank You For Cat Sitting category. Category.

  • Having been recondemned to public transportation for at least another week, I now firmly believe everyone should be forced to take a combination of a bus, train, and walking for an hour on a 90 degree Sunday afternoon to get someplace that would take about 7 minutes by car. It could be used as a Scared Straight sort of program to encourage people to stay in school, keep their jobs, never drive drunk, etc.

  • The other casualty of my broken car is my workout routine. I normally exercise during lunch, but the gym is just too far to walk to and from and still get a decent amount of workout time in, and it sort of defeats the purpose of showering if I have to sweat for 6 blocks on my way back to the office.

  • The casualties of my broken workout routine are increased smoking and a lackadasical attitude towards peoper eating. The former mostly out of boredom, but the "well I'm not working out so I'm pretty much screwed anyway" plays in to both.

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    Well, hellooooooooo, LiveJournal! Nice to see you!

  • Happy New Year!

    Started off 2011 with a nice ring and an engagement request from Evan. It's looking like a good year so far :D

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