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Another Walk on the Politcal Side

On my way home last night I was sitting alone in the inside of one of the Metro seats. At the Foggy Bottom/George Washington University stop, a young man sits next to me with a flier in hand from A.N.S.W.E.R., or, Act Now to Stop the War and End Racism. I read it over his shoulder with little subtlety and with even less subtlety laugh deliberately out loud. Granted, some of the things that had been committed to ink upon this sheet of dead tree were preposterous enough (see this for the pdf of the actual thing he was reading): they refer to the fact that the US is targeting a “network of terrorists” as a “dangerous myth”, break the shocking report that news about the war is censored, and say that (of course I can’t find it on this page, but it’s been burned in my memory from reading it last night) the way to end the war is to learn from the Vietnam War and rally the “intelligent” people together to protest it.

Now, while this is all very comical to read and to think that someone took the time to write it out, post it on the web and then download and print it, the funniest thing to me is that it must have come from a GW Student, the same white-collar coke-sniffing daddy’s-Jag-driving trust fund kids who protested GW Bush for being a white-collar coke-sniffing daddy’s-Jag-driving trust fund kid. The same kids who protested the University’s shutting down the dorms for the weekend of the proposed World Bank protest for fear that the protest might put their lives and the condition of the dorms in jeopardy. I’m sure some of us thought a war and the deaths of thousands of their countrymen (and relatives, I’m sure, as a big chunk of the kids who can actually afford to go to this college come from affluent New York/New Jersey homes who probably have a family member or two who met their demise in the WTC) would open their eyes, but alas, it’s just something else to protest.

These kids need to have something shake some sense into them. In the meantime, however, I will simply regard their self-centered egoism as a source for my evening glee.
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