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Another post!

From the "I can't believe it's SFW" dept: Seriously, guys?

I'm suffering from work paranoia. I took on this project a month ago which has turned into a total donkey show that's got me having work anxiety dreams and other assorted unpleasantness. The people who asked me to do it are pulling this "OMGthishasgottagetdonerightaway" attitude when they ask me to do something, so I rush and do it, and then wait around for 4 days for their feedback. Then when they finally give it to me, it's "okaysoyougotthefeedbackwhenareyougonnadothenextpart?" It's a goddamn catastrophe when they're waiting for me, but when I'm waiting for them they have all the time in the world.

I just finished the report for the project yesterday and am presenting it in 2 weeks. All of a sudden the same people who have been killing me softly all month are now kissing my ass about what a great job I'm doing. Have I been too obvious about how irritated I've been? Has the bitching about the project I've been doing to a few sources gotten around? Or is the reality that they've realized what pains in the ass they've been and are trying to make up for it?

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