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It's Friday Poll Time!

I realize the Poll must be daunting to folks who are unfamiliar with it. Here's how it goes: every week, there's a bunch of questions submitted by your fellow LJmates for me to give multiple-choice answers to. Choose the right answers, and if you're up to the task, submit a question for the following week.

Poll #1051632 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

observacious -- Which causes more shipping related stress UPS or USPS?

USPS. As soon as it leaves your hands, all you can do is hope. At least with UPS you get a tracking number.
UPS. With the tracking number comes signature requirements, missed-delivery slips, possible trips to the distribution center, the whole nine.

popespydie -- How come Mr. Miyagi didn't get arrested for child labor laws or endangering a child?

Because in the 80's, teenagers were all at least 25.
Because in the 80's, people didn't pussy the world up with bullshit like that. Kids did chores and took karate and it made us worth a damn.
Because in the 80's, nobody cared what an old nip did to some punk dego.
Because in the 80's, we had bigger things to worry about. Like getting nuked by commies.

absolutcalm -- What the fuck? Kevin Bacon, action hero? I was willing to accept Nick Cage-- I fully held my breath for John Cusack-- but seriously, who next... Zach Braff?

Think about Footloose. He was a hero in that movie, and dancing is an action...kinda...
I am still unwilling to accept Nick Cage as an action hero. Nothing says asskicking motherfucker like a bony frame, crooked face, and stringy hair.
What are you holding your breath for John Cusack to do? Like his sweet cherubic face and attainable boyfriendish charm is just what we need in the face of Nicoraguan drug smugglers and shit.
If Scrubs can make us believe a whiny little mangirl like Zach Braff could ever get laid, who's to say some movie director can't make us believe he's a badass?

coldblackncold -- In spite of finding Jesus, Vick will spend some time in the big house. He is going to be a hot commodity for the real life version of The Longest Yard. Which gang will draft him first?

The End Zone Flippers.
The Caged Bitches.
The Ron Mexico Posse.
The Career Enders.

renob423 -- since the new halloween came out today - Seriously, I don't any more shit about slasher flicks than I did last time you asked about them, but someone else might, so fine. which is the best of the previous 8 (not including this one)?

Halloween 1 - Seventeen-year-old Laurie Strode is a quiet bookworm, preferring babysitting over parties. As she goes about her school day, she finds her mind playing tricks on her. Her friends, Annie and Lynda, are busy thinking about the fun of Ha
Halloween 2 - Picking up right where the first HALLOWEEN left off, HALLOWEEN II continues the story of the night HE came home. The notorious Michael Myers is still alive. Dr. Loomis, shouting "I shot him six times...I shot him in the heart..." trie
Halloween 3: Season of the Witch - takes a break from the Michael Myers storyline and concentrates on a small California town called Santa Mira. There, a large mask-making company called Silver Shamrock has opened up, selling popular Halloween masks
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers - It's been a decade since Michael Myers had his last killing spree in Haddonfield. But tonight, October 31st, 1988, that's going to change - it's Halloween again! While being transferred from the Ridgemo
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers - If you thought a mineshaft could stop The Shape at the end of the previous film, think again! Michael managed to crawl out of the mine, and takes refuge with a hermit. A year later, October 31st arrives
Halloween 6: Something Else About Michael Myers - For seventeen years, the town of Haddonfield, Illinois has been haunted by a night when evil roamed the street. Everyone knows his name. Now, everyone will know the truth! It's now six years since
Halloween 7: The Return of Jamie Lee Curts - It's been twenty years since Laurie Strode escaped her brother's wrath. Now, it's time for one hell of a family reunion. She changed her name. Her face. Her life. Living in the small town of Summer Gle
Halloween 8: Feat. Busta Rhymes - The nurses at Grace Anderson Sanitarium tell stories of patient Laurie Strode. She's the sister of the murderous legend Michael Myers - and 3 years ago, she thought she had destroyed her sibling for good. She was

renob423 -- is the best halloween better than the best friday the 13th?

Best Halloween.
Best Friday the 13th.
Slasher flicks are so lame I bet twicketface likes them.

renob423 -- who is more of a bad ass mother fucker, jason or michal myers?

Michael Myers.
Zach Braff.

eideteker -- No matter how nice you (you in the general sense, not you specifically) are, someone, somewhere thinks you're a bitch/bastard. This means that there are hundreds of millions—potentially billions—who don't. How best can one rectify this?

Write a childrens' book about a boy and his treehouse and how he and his dad built it or some shit like that. Then, when they finish, daddy decides now would be a good time to teach the boy about how there really is no Santa Claus.
Make sure everything you ever donate to the Salvation Army or Goodwill is infested with either lice or crabs.
Mail an apology to the New York Times for your obscene and potentially hazardous misuse of the mixing vats at the Atlanta Coca-Cola bottling plant.
Commission a lifelike drawing of Jesus sitting on the toilet while Muhammad sucks his cock, print a few million copies of it and do an airdrop over Africa and Asia.

subbes -- Sitcom tie-in video games

The Friends: The whole gang is back and you control their every move! Always thought Phoebe and Monica should get make Woo Woo? Never wanted anything more than to make Ross piss his pants and curl up in a ball crying? The Village is your Fishbowl!
Sex and the Liberty City: Break in to Charlotte's Park Ave Penthouse. Kick Carrie to the ground and beat her with her designer bag. Take Samantha for some hot coffee. Knock that feminazi Miranda off her high horse. The city is your playground!
Gauntfeld: George needs food badly.
Mortearl Kombat: Ralph. Joy. Randy. Crabman. Little Chubby. It's a karmic battle to the death. MORTEARL KOMBAT!!!!

Last year at about this time, I shamed myself by watching all the HOT NEW FALL SHOWS trailers on the networks' sites. But it resulted in me getting on the Heroes bandwagon. There's significantly fewer new sci-fi-ish hot new dramas this year, but one will be the star. Pollketeers, which will it be?

Bionic Woman, or Alias meets La Femme Nikita.
Journeyman, or The Many Loves of Dr. Sam Beckett.
Moonlight which observacious describes as a revamp of Forever Knight. Sounds to me like Long Live Walter Jameson.
Pushing Daisies, or The E.T. Mysteries.

I was saddened this week to realize so many of you knew about Scrubbing Bubbles, yet you left me to learn about them on my own. What other awesome cleaning products do you use that you're holding out on me?



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