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Tech Tip of the Day

Scene: All-Staff Meeting. During some of these meetings, the IT Department presents a "Tech Tip" that will help us in our daily tasks. Last time, if I remember correctly, it was "How to change your email signature".

IT GUY: Today's Tech Tip is about Shortcuts. Many times, using a shortcut is faster than taking your mouse up to the File menu and choosing Open. In this case, you could simply hold down the Control key and press O, and you'll get the same dialog box. ...

IT GUY explains other common shortcuts, such as Ctl+F, Ctl+S, etc. He is assisted by IT VP, the Vice President of Information Technology, who demonstrates these shortcuts as he describes them. IT GUY asks IT VP to open the document he created listing these shortcuts. When prompted, he asked his boss, the Vice President of Information Technology, to open it as a Read-Only file, figuring he must have failed to close the one he has open on his desktop.

IT GUY: Okay, now for Control-Z. IT VP, go ahead and type something on there so we can show how this works.

IT VP: I can't - it's Read-Only.

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