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It's Friday Poll Time!

Poll #1081655 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

eideteker -- Compact fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs? You make me so proud, then you make me so sad.


observacious -- I'm reading a novel in which cult influences place subliminal messages in b-movies. What secret dark influences lurk in seemingly light-hearted early films of Tom Cruise? (Fact: There were 3 brides of Dracula and 3 brides of Tom Cruise. Coincidence?)

In The Outsiders, the two stars that ended up with the most disappointing careers are caught in a burning building. The recent Southern California wildfires, like in the Outsiders, spared the people who will still be successful 10-20 years from now.
In Losin' It, four teenagers take a trip to Tijauna to lose their virginities. An eerie echo of today's labor conditions, Mexicans are hired to do the jobs that Americans no longer are willing to perform.
Foreshadowing his own future, Tom Cruise's character in Risky Business destroys a car[eer]. In an attempt to fix things, he assumes a different personality and opens his home to women who pretend to be in love with people for money.
In Top Gun, Maverick calls on the spirit of his partner and Revenge of the Nerds alum Goose to gain the courage to win the final battle. Mirroring the ending of Episode 4, this scene predicts the current sage status of the Nerd in popular culture.

absolutcalm -- Seriously, in Clerks 2, Rosario Dawson was totally okay with Ass-to-Mouth but would she REALLY be or is she just, once again, appealing to us nerds who would die to be with her because she speaks Klingon.

This goes to show the effect showbiz has had on Kevin Smith. There was a time when he knew (just as well as you do) there's no way he'd ever get his nerdly hands on a Klingon-speaking hottie willing to do any combination of ass and mouth sexplay.
The odds are about as good as Shannon Elizabeth having anything to do with anyone even remotely simliar to Jason Mewes.
She must be. How else does anyone get jobs in Hollywood?
Are you telling me somebody saw Clerks 2?

htothem -- What foods would be featured on

Herring marinated in Birch Beer with a side of horseradish-infused brussels sprouts.
Bullsheepig. It's like a turducken, but for testicles.
A delightful dessert parfait of chicken fat gelatin layered with cream cheese frosting, topped with caviar.
Food? Schmood. Crayons corrugated cardboard, a Wally Wall Walker, the entire contents of a lava lamp, and one of those packets of rock candy that come with new shoes.

subbes -- Home made meals made the night before payday (AKA "empty fridge, empty wallet" cuisine)

Low Cash Lo Mein: In a small saucepan on low heat, melt some peanut butter and slowly add soy sauce to the desired consistency stirring constantly. Toss with spaghetti, a few scrambled eggs, and a can of string beans.
Mediterranean-American Pilaf: Prepare 1.5 cups of white rice (approx 3 cups prepared) of prepared white rice. Strain one can each of tuna fish, black beans and crushed tomatoes and top with torn strips of American cheese food slices.
Cap'n Mac & Peas: Prepare Mac & Cheese, adding a cup of frozen peas a few minutes before the noodles finish boiling. Place in a casserole dish, sprinkle 2-3 cups of crushed Cap'n Crunch (or other sweet cereal) on top & bake for 20 mins.
Toastchetta: Dice your remaining vegetables (or if you have no more vegetables, a jar of chunky salsa will do the trick). Toast slices of bread, butter lightly and sprinkle with garlic salt and top with diced vegetables.

coldblackncold -- Daniel Dae Kim or Daniel Day-Lewis?

DDL is considered by many to be the most extreme method actor, and consequently the finest actor of them all. And he's got the 10-page bio to prove it.
At least DDK had a DUI Charge and awesome mug shot. 10 pages of bio and DDL's got nothing to show but some suspected affairs. Bo-ring.

renob423 -- is uncle lucky comming for halloween? Not after the government made him put the "NO CANDY" sign on his door whats the funniest county name? At the time of posting, Wikipedia made mention of a Your Mom County, Texas but it has been disqualified. There are enough contenders out there to make the choice of a top four nearly impossible, so here's five:

renob423 -- would you card officer doug penhall if he was buying beer? No way. He never looked a day under 35 in his life, and even if he did, I wouldn't want his dad to come to the store and yell at me does miller have a lot of nerve saying "champagne of beers?"

They were calling it the Cadillac of Beers, but then the whole drunk driving craze in the 80's made them rethink the slogan.
They couldn't say it if it weren't true. Could Pabst call their beer "Blue Ribbon" if it never won first place? Or if it wasn't Milwaukee's Best beer, they'd have to call it something else too.
I don't know much about champagne, but if someone asks if you want to live the High Life, the answer is yes.
Hell, Amstel calls itself the "Beer Drinker's Light Beer". If High Life has to change it's slogan, Amstel will have to change to "The Beer Drinker's 'at least it's not Heineken or Corona' Light Beer".

Some people claim you can get cancer from re-using plastic drinking water bottles. Whether or not this is the absolute load of steaming bullshit I think it is, I'm sure the folks at Evian and Deer Park have NO IDEA where a rumor like that would come from and are ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED that someone would suggest it's in the consumer's best health interest to buy a new bottle every time they want water. Based on the success of this scientific discovery, What other underground maybefacts can we expect?

Plastic wrap protects food from "ambient calories", particles floating around in the atmosphere that can attach to foods. To limit excess ambient calories, buy food packaged individually in thick plastic wrap, in as small portions as possible.
The compound formed by the mixture of saliva and plaque can caught in the gum, which when released and swallowed, can cause a paralysis risk. To reduce the incubation time for the compound, spit out and replace your gum every 8 minutes.
Cotton is treated with a special protective enzyme to ward the skin from potentially hazardous insecticides on the cotton fibers that could cause rashes. Machine washing erodes the enzyme, so it's best to replace cotton clothing after 20 washes.
When stored on a hard drive with Adobe Reader and certain anti-spyware programs, .m4a files can assume properties of those programs therefore including tones unsafe for the human ear. It's best to re-purchase your iTunes files every 6 months.



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