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It's Friday Poll Time!

Poll #1115656 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

observacious -- The previous writers' strike greatly increased the number of reality shows on TV. What lasting impact will this strike have?

Time couldn't do it. A dead lead-in slot couldn't do it. Clooney couldn't do it. Maybe, finally, there's something that can kill ER.
The studio execs realize they made more on TV show DVDs this Christmas than they would have in advertising revenue from new airings. Thus begins a curious cycle of TV DVDs only being released in October, and an annual writers strike in December.
When the actors joined the strike at the Golden Globes, the ceremony didn't happen. Since E! moved the Red Carpet to the picket line and the winners were still repeated in every film trailer, no one noticed, freeing us from awards shows forever.
With nothing else on TV, ratings for timeless History Channel and Discovery Channel informative documentaries and programming surge, making the public smarter than it has ever been before.

eideteker -- Whither ______?

the tools wearing untucked white striped collard shirts with frayed jeans and flip flops go to drink, I shall not go.
my keys disappeared?
the tempest of celebrity tossed Andy Dick?
the heinous and ill-conceived Christmas presents were purchased for me, I foolishly attempted to return said items on Sunday.

htothem -- What should my new year's resolution be?

This year I resolve to stop giving a shit about what I'm supposed to look like, act like, or be like, and be as fat and wasteful as I want and smoke the whole damn time. Eating is fun, going "green" is a pain in the ass, and smoking feels good.
To stop sitting around feeling jealous of all the slackers, speeders, timeclock-cheaters and people who don't feed their meter, and start ignoring all the rules I've been too scared to break because I know I'd get caught.
Stop leaving myself open to heartache, disappointment, and other personal assaults by not resolving to be nicer, more open or more accepting.
This is the last year I will complacently allow bad service and sub-par products go unnoticed. I resolve to be a part of the solution and write letters, emails and lodge all necessary complaints to stop consumer injustices once and for all.

ccjohn -- Is Hillary actually a man? If I hadn't made a No Politics rule a long time ago, I'd say I hope she is since women already have enough obstacles between us and the Oval Office without her having soured America on the idea. But I did, so I won't say that. Shittier: Daredevil or Spiderman 3?

Spiderman 3.

renob423 -- will my questions rock as hard as they did in 2007? will they make sense? will there be a poll friday cause of the holiday (are you from havanna?) and finally will tigers be the new monkeys? Please check all that apply.

I can't think of any way they could possibly hold up.
They damn well better or I'm going to stop being so patient and start meting out real punishment.
As a rule, there are no polls on Friday holidays. But there won't be one of those until 4th of July, so I don't know what holiday you're talking about.
Baby, please. I am not from Havana.
No way. Tigers may be awesome but nothing will be the new monkey until it starts flinging poo.

The childish euphamism for excrement is spelled:


absolutcalm -- WELCOME TO 2008-- and I am damned sick of young celebrities doing stupid shit for press. Fuck that. 2008 is the year of the geriatric scandal! What will go down and who will be involved?

Drunken debutante joyrides are so 2007. 2008 will be the year of old celebrities with heads full of painkillers totaling their cars after backing out slowly into traffic without checking their mirrors.
US Weekly is fined 3 million for printing a paparazzi photo of Katherine Helmond stepping out of her car. Not until 3 months later when the issue was making its rounds in doctors offices did look close enough to see she wasn't wearing panties.
Like the partygirls banking on celebrity and hotness getting them out of trouble, Leslie Nielsen and Dominic Chianese figure they can get by on celebrity and suspected senility if they were to show up at clubs and start goosing the young chickadees.
While investigating a nose complaint at Betty White's house, the Oak Park Illinios police department discovers what is allegedly a dogfighting circuit among Hollywood's aged pet-lovers. Bob Barker was immediately brought in for questioning.

We need another movie like The Great Debaters like we need:

Another Tiffany "New York" Pollard.
Another cover story about Tara Reid's botched plastic surgeries.
Another book written by some Baby Boomer sycophant about how awesome the 60's was.
Another device that promises to finally take the hassle out of making pasta.


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