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Since I'll be heading to Disney World this week and I'm so excited about it I could just wet my pants, I got my hands on a guidebook for information about where to eat and when to go and all that stuff, but really all it's doing is feeding my excitement for the trip. When I'm not at home with my book, I've been getting my fix reading the online message boards frequented by the sort of Jean Teasdales that would tell you their trip to Disney is less than a week away using this method:

While the boards are not as quantitatively informative as the book, their qualitative value is beyond measure. Threads about where one can buy plus-sized Disney character t-shirts started by "GrannyJudy" are followed by ones about how you can email "mickey4president77@[not aol].com" to get a free copy of her new planning spreadsheet, which you can print out and write down where you want to eat every meal of your trip and when you intend to be at Ariel's Grotto.

I suppose terminology only exists when someone needs to use it. I read these boards and I see them littered with acronyms "DH", "DD" and "DS". Perhaps I've been out of the housewife message board loop and you're all aware these stand for Dear or Darling (or in this case Disney) Husband, Daughter and Son. They even have DFi for Dear Fiance(e). For every pr0n, there is an equal and opposite DH.

What inspired me to post about this was a thread I just read asking if other "disers" decorate the windows or doors of their hotel rooms during their visits. Unsurprisingly, most do, but one in particular shared the awesome idea of sticking paper Mickey heads on their door with a marker and a note asking passers-by to sign the heads so they may be added to her scrapbook. When asked what sort of response she got:
i had about 10 last year.

and then some stupid kid wrote profanity on one of my mickey heads....


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