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I concluded the other day that I may very well be the single geekiest person on the planet. I'll get it right out there: I like Weird Al. I'm not just saying that I got a kick out of the Amish Paradise video or have fond memories of hearing Eat It on the radio as a kid. I own several of his albums and am fully prepared to enter into discussions about them, particularly why Polka Party, his least successful album, is his best (owing much to the Talking Heads "style parody" song, Dog Eat Dog). His Behind The Music is my favorite...okay, so the Mammas and the Pappas one is my favorite, but the fact that Weird Al hangs out with a guy named John "Bermuda" Schwartz kills me. I’ve seen his televised concert on Vh1, and while I may not look like most of those sitting-down-for-the-whole-concert geeks, I can sing along with the best of them.

I tell you this for background and to follow suit with my new “owning your shame” philosophy. Anyway, I was listening to Spinner’s Awesome80’s channel, and they were playing Safety Dance by Men Without Hats, which is all fine and good. But my Weird Al geekdom overtook this tidbit of 80’s nostalgia, like it often does with songs that Al has revamped. Sure, the tune to Safety Dance was in my head, but the words to Brady Bunch were pairing themselves with it.

Later that evening, I met up with HM to go get coffee. I explained to her what has happened and she said she didn’t even know that Al did a song called Brady Bunch, let alone a cover of Safety Dance. I promptly broke into song and explained that she probably hasn’t heard of it because it’s pretty much a B-side from his In 3-D album. Helen, at that point, said she was embarrassed to know me.

Everyone has their geek quality. Some of you name your computers. Others make jokes in coding language. Still others will argue about Enterprise captains. I know where the phrase, “I’d rather staple bagels to my face and remove them with a pitchfork” comes from.
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