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It's Friday Poll Time!

Poll #1131287 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

observacious -- Since you probably won't have a chance to post about it as much as you'd like to I got much more posted than I expected to, that's for sure. I just hope I finish, here is a gift: Hey, Mej, how was Disney World? Awesome, thanks. Wackiest little thing from my vacation that I didn't already post about:

At the Shamu show when trainers run up into the audience to do the Shamu Summoning Dance, Evan's Stepgrandmother grabbed the one in our row and made her pose for a picture.
I needed to replace my giant half-gallon water thermos I use at work. I found one the last night we were there in the knockoff store. Even though it's got Mickey on it, it's not a real Disney thing, but says "Florida" on it in fake Disney font.
We were on the last monorail back from the Luau to the parking lot. When we got there, it looked like the beginning of National Lampoon's Vacation
They had Invisible Dog Leashes for sale. Evan and I weren't sure if they were supposed to be nostalgic for people our age, or legitimately funny for kids.

absolutcalm -- Can we be honest for a moment and realize that studding your pets is just glorified pimping? In that case, which animals make the best ho's? It's a recession and all and I want to go into business.

When I was a kid, my friend Danielle had a silky terrier that humped everything. Pillows, shoes, stuffed animals. I bet if you left a sandwich out someplace she hump it she would. You could toy up a ton of breeds with slutty dogs like that.
Depending on what you're studding with, you could be creating hideous abominations against nature or the future of pets. Rabbits are known whores, but what good would a bulldograbbit be?
Based on the size of the pigeon population outside my office building, someone's got that market cornered already.
You'd make more money starting up a site for animal pimps looking for available hoes. All the cash and glory, none of witnessing-awkward-animal-sex.

subbes -- Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Accordian Hero, Donkey Konga... what new video game will astound us by recreating boring everyday activities through the medium of controllers and "realistic" graphics?

Mavis Beacon 360°
Quiltin' Beez: Use your Wiimote to simulate knitting, crocheting and other stitches. Does not actually teach any real-life applicable crafting skills, but if you practice hard you can make awesome virtual wiidlecraft pieces for your Mii!
Hannah Montana Makeup Artist for the DS: blow on foundation for a nice even finish, draw dramatic eyeliner lines with your stylus or smudge them with your thumb for a smoky look - Hannah's got to be camera ready!
Hygeine Hero: use the right button combinations to brush your teeth, take a shower, wash your hair and shave. Execute combos with great accuracy for points and an easier next round, botch them and you'll have to be faster and better to get clean!

renob423 -- when were you allowed to see r rated movies? should i shower now or later? how long will my car be at the shop today? how many more "things i need to have done" be accompanied with it? how much will it cost? why can't i stay in bed all i want?

Mean: 5.20 Median: 5 Std. Dev 2.56

I remember the first PG13 movie I saw was LaBamba. It was at my friend Lisa's 11th birthday sleepover party and her family was pretty religious so this was a big deal for them to let us rent it. Even my lame ass thought it was silly to make kids wait until they're 13 to watch PG13 movies. There was a scene with titties or something and Lisa's mom came up and blocked the TV. Do you remember the first PG13 movie you saw? If so, which one? Don't be scared of the box.

And to torture you all with more stories of me as a dorky kid and the dreaded write-in answer, the first R rated movie I remember seeing was Stand By Me. I had a raging clitboner for River Phoenix and my mom let me watch it with her. I, of course, surely caused her to regret this decision by staring at her wide-eyed and giggling every time one of the guys cursed. And if you remember that movie, that means I barely looked at the screen. What was your first R movie?

coldblackncold -- Because I am finding this season of Project Runway particularly outstanding, more Runway!: Christian, Jillian, and Rami for the Showcase Showdown? Or, will Sweet P and Chris suprise us as late blooming contenders in the coming episodes?

I would say it could be Uligate '08, but the only real standout is Christian. Rami is a 1-trick pony and Jillian is some sort of zombie droid (who totally got robbed on her Twizzler dress but that's not the point). He's the only one who has "it".
Srsly. How is it possible that Ricky is still on. How. Granted I haven't watched last week yet but I hear he finally did something worth a damn, but he should have gotten the axe for that shitty prom dress. And for crying so much.
While I ? both Chris and Sweet P, they're sitting ducks. She can't take the pressure and his costume/drag design career has probably gotten all the boost it needs already. Ricky next week, then Sweet P, then Chris in the final 4 auf.
I'm a dork who doesn't feel the love of Project Runway.

eideteker -- IS IT TOO LATE TO PLAY THIS WEEK? sorry, I fell asleep haha nice try asshole. Since you and absolutcalm threw those tidy little cries about your missed questions, you've got me checking for new ones like a mouse in a Skinner box. So yeah. It is too late to play this week. Especially when you've had two and this was what you came up with. More played out:

Vintage French booze advertisement posters.
Fake old-vintage Hollywood glamor shots of current celebrities.

On Sunday, the nerds were all talking about Laserdiscs and other failed technologies and it got me thinking about how some things have up and disappeared without many of us even noticing. Like:

Fax machines used to have to use this weird slick magazine-like paper on rolls. If you didn't space the pages out enough when you were sending them, your fax would come out in one big long scroll.
The first piece of electronics equipment we owned that had a remote was our VCR. The remote had a cord which predictably broke when my mom tripped over it once, but we were damn excited to have it for the short time we did.
The intricate codes you and your friends made up to signify people and places when sending messages to one another's pagers. For example, 1900*5318 meant "meet at Jeff's house (his home number ended in 5318) at 7pm".
Car phones.


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