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It's Friday Poll Time!

Poll #1138972 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

observacious -- bobwhite hates his job. What type of job should he get instead?

Bob has hated every job he's had since musicmaker shut down. He should be a mailroom guy again.
One that doesn't fuck him around on this 80% travel bullshit.
The kind of job that makes him love to get up in the morning. Nobody ever knows what those jobs are, and they only seem to be available to a select few, like people who are into antique toys getting a job as a toy museum curator or something.
Whatever he does, he shouldn't take one of those tests we took in high school to determine what career we'd be good at. I tried to sway mine to say I should be a marine biologist like I wanted to be then, and it told me to be a Fish & Game warden.

coldblackncold -- Assawoman, Virginia.

If towns could get married, she'd be the wife of Manassas.
I wonder if it's "Ass-a-woman" or "Aaahs-a-woman". Judging from some Richmonders' insitance that the Powhite Parkway is pronounced "POW-hite", I'm guessing we all know it's the first but locals want to pretend it's the second.
That link says there's a United States Board on Geographic Names that gets to pick what places are called and how it's spelled. I think we found our job for bobwhite.

eideteker -- What's your favorite Heart song?

Magic Man
Crazy on You
These Dreams

subbes -- Worst question to ask the cop that just pulled you over.

How am I supposed to know?
Could you hold this for a sec?
Are you really so bitter about having to work on a day like this that you'd take it out on me?
What seems to be the problem, meowfficer?

renob423 -- where is the 1st public restroom you used? is it ever acceptable to leave a floater? how about an upper decker? have you ever clogged a public toilet?

Right where I left it.
Being unacceptable is what makes it an Upper Decker. Nobody would have made it up if it were.
Like I've ever stuck around long enough to find out.

absolutcalm -- So I'm sitting there, listenning to a woman describing a date where her guy brings out a laser-mounted hunting rifle to "impress" her and instantly thought: You know, if I had a nintendo light gun, I'd show it off for a date. How can men get any lamer?

By not showing us that cool stuff? If I found out you held some laser-mounted rifle or an opportunity to play Hogan's Alley out on me, trust me, it's the last date. We keep you guys around for shit like that.
It's fine to show us those kinds of things. What makes you lame is that you can't tell the item presentation has overstayed its interest.
Show us the things you're really proud of like laser guns. Don't show us the stupid crap you think we're supposed to be impressed by like your fancy coffee maker or the "nice" martini set you obviously got at a Christmas grab bag.
The only way to get lamer than bragging about your laser guns is to brag about how much they cost (or how inexpensively you were able to purchase them).

Earlier this week, the DC-Area was hit with an ice storm that resulted in a horrific afternoon commute. For the next few days, the news media, particularly the news radio channel I listen to was aflurry with headlines asking who is to "blame" for the chaos. Aside from Mother Nature and/or God, I can't imagine who would be at fault for an ice storm, but Maryland's Dept. of Transportation blamed Virginia's, both blamed weather forecasters, and weather forecasters blamed drivers. What happened in our society that made it so no event, no matter the cause or type, can be without a party to "blame"?

Everybody's sense of self-importance is so overblown that unless they know someone else is to blame for whatever happens in the world, they think someone will assume they're responsible for it. See also: "Don't Blame Me, I Voted Kodos".
While we think we have evolved, humans still love nothing more than banding together a gang of villagers and chasing a monster up a hill with torches.
The mantra "you can do anything you put your mind to" has stuck, therefore, if something has happened, someone must have put their mind to it.
If there's nobody to blame for things like ice storms, what's next? Could the earth be destroyed by a "blameless" meteorite? What sort of safety can we depend upon if we're subject to the whims of things beyond anyone's control?

Okay, okay, no politics. But this is too good to ignore. Hillary's response to the Obama "Yes We Can" music video.

Someone needs to be fired. Now.
This is a masterful way to appeal to both the Oprah-viewing Housewife constituency and the irony-loving slacker faction with one inspired clip.


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