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My 100% Fun Weekend (and my Monday on the bandwagon)

Friday evening I learned something new: if you head westbound on K Street between 4 and 6 on a weekday, there ain't no getting left until 21st Street. Tidbits like this make it blatantly clear that I'm becoming a better pedestrian than driver in DC.

Friday night I was exposed to Invader Zim, a cartoon that is normally featured on Nickelodeon that has no business whatsoever being shown to children.

Saturday afternoon I cooked a pot-luck casserole and loved every domestic minute of it.

Saturday night I overindulged on wine, food, and a lime-green inhibition stealer and loved every bacchanalian minute of it.

Saturday early morning I watched the "Meteor Monsoon" from the roof of my building which was quite visible in spite of the lights from the city.

Sunday afternoon I watched football and ran errands in lieu of a bridge game we were one man short for.

Sunday night I watched the Simpsons in the hopes of laughing once. I was disappointed. But the mini-Hal from Malcolm in the Middle that was dressed like a greaser and tried to convince Hal to "just get on the road" more than made up for it.

And the guy on Let's Bowl rolled a 162--the show's highest score yet.

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